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Dickinson Group of Companies (DGC) is pleased to announce the establishment of Dickinson Technologies Ltd; a subsidiary that provides a range of Asset & Risk Management Digitization Solutions. This subsidiary’s services are complementary to the Group’s Asset Integrity Management Services which are aimed at ensuring that industrial users derive the most value from their industrial assets.

Dickinson Technologies’ Asset & Risk Management Digitization Solutions allow industrial manufacturers to extract actionable information from their pools of live and historic process data to effectively maximise productivity, reliability, safety and regulatory compliance of their assets. Our solutions create a number of competitive advantages in the competitive present day business environments that require manufacturers across different industries to do more for less.

While Digitization has been achieved to various extents across different sectors of the manufacturing industry, often a significant portion of the captured pools of data remain underexploited. Dickinson Technologies’ services range from simple digital readiness assessments through to deploying complete customised digital solutions at a fraction of the industry cost.

Dickinson Technologies’ Asset & Risk Management Software Solutions may be broadly classified in the following categories.


Our Advanced Analytics Solutions are tailor made to suit any business requirements. These solutions require extensive collaboration between subject matter experts and data scientists to transform data in its industrial context into comprehensive KPIs for asset health monitoring and plant optimisation. The Advanced Analytics Solutions make use of a highly specialised industrial platform that exploits various machine learning algorithms, including Decision Trees, Random Forests, Artificial Neural Networks and Clustering.


Our Self-Service Advanced Analytics Tools allow process and maintenance engineers to perform complex data analysis regardless of their level of knowledge in data science. The tools apply statistical methods of machine learning and artificial intelligence on data pools and find patterns of particular interest. Making them powerful tools for diagnosing and predicting a number of plant issues with the propensity for recurrence.

The Self-Service Advanced Analytics Tools place the power of analytics in the hands of subject matter experts throughout an organisation, rendering unlimited possibilities for process performance improvements and predictive maintenance.


In the past, industrial control systems used to operate in isolated networks, with no connection to the outside world. Today this is no longer the case, as many devices used in plants are networked and connect to the internet. This has created security risks of both internal and external malicious attacks within plants.

In alliance with technology partners, Dickinson Technologies provides unique and robust industrial cyber security solution packages. The company also provides cyber security risk assessments for plants, outlining potential attack vectors and any existing vulnerabilities present.


Dickinson Technologies’ Self-Service Advanced Analytics Tools enable manufacturers to leverage on their operational data, allowing for numerous possibilities including the following:

  • Control room early warnings and recommendations to make process adjustments for improved operational performance.

  • Solve previously unsolvable production/process related cases.

  • Reduce downtime through increased asset reliability and predictive maintenance.

  • Timeous data-driven decisions by production managers.

  • Increased contribution of plant managers to business outcomes through data insights.

  • Increased employee effectiveness and overall productivity.


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