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Dickinson Technologies, a subsidiary of Dickinson Group of Companies (DGC) recently concluded a partnership agreement with PEPITE, a Belgium headquartered company that has been developing artificial intelligence (AI) based software for industrial applications since its inception in 2002.

PEPITE focuses on value creation for customers, providing solutions to complex challenges such as; yield, productivity, and energy optimization, as well as predictive maintenance. By using PEPITE’s technologies, numerous customers have seen performance improvements in sustainability, environmental performance and human wellbeing.

Dickinson Technologies provides a range of Asset & Risk Management Digitization Solutions. PEPITE’s complimentary services have added onto the company’s capacity to provide affordable ways for businesses to transition into the 4th Industrial Revolution.

This partnership will broaden the visibility, impact, and reputation of PEPITE’s technologies amongst industrial clients throughout the target territory of sub-Saharan Africa. Dickinson Technologies’ geographic presence across this region also ensures faster and more efficient rendering of these services. The next two sections will describe the alliance’s advanced analytics solutions in more detail.

DATAmaestro is a web-based software suite that provides state-of-the-art machine learning through a user-friendly interface. Thanks to DATAmaestro, plant engineers can effortlessly improve their productivity with self-service Advanced Analytics.

The main DATAmaestro layers are described below:

  • DATAmaestro collectors: DATAmaestro can connect and live stream data from most industrial data sources. The data is stored in a high-performing, centralised database that is optimised for data access.

  • DATAmaestro Analytics: Using tailor made machine learning techniques (Decision Trees, Random Forests and Artificial Neural Networks) DATAmaestro transforms plant data into comprehensive KPI’s. These KPI’s help improve plant performance, optimisation and asset health.

  • DATAmaestro Dashboards: DATAmaestro Dashboards offer continuous decision support and recommendation tools to help optimize performance. DATAmaestro dashboards are also fully customisable to end-user requirements, from real-time indicators, to daily/monthly reports for operators, engineers and management.

OPTImaestro is a participative methodology to deploy successful and sustainable AI projects in industry. Engineers and operators have accumulated a lot of uncodified knowledge on the operation of a plant while IT systems have accumulated a huge amount of unused data. OPTImaestro combines both sources of information to improve performance and deploy reliable decision support tools.

Our Technology Enables You To:

  • Calculate Overall Equipment Efficiency

  • Prevent Unplanned Failures

  • Predict Maintenance Intervals

  • Optimize Maintenance Costs

  • Correct Operations

  • Protect Intellectual Property


Our technology also allows for numerous possibilities including the following:

  • Actionable dashboards to monitor operational performance in real-time.

  • Integrate root-cause analysis and process monitoring to define future alerts.

  • Control room early warnings and recommendations to make process adjustments for improved operational performance.

  • Solve previously unsolvable production/process related cases.

  • Reduce downtime through increased asset reliability and predictive maintenance.

  • Timeous data-driven decisions by production managers.

  • Increased contribution of plant managers to business outcomes through data insights.

  • Increased employee effectiveness and overall productivity.


Dickinson Technologies’ Asset & Risk Management Digitization Solutions allow industrial manufacturers to extract actionable information from their pools of live and historic process data to effectively maximise productivity, reliability, safety and regulatory compliance of their assets.

The company’s solutions are available for most industrial sectors, including the following:

  • Steel

  • Oil Gas

  • Chemicals

  • Cement

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Plastics

  • Mining & Metals

  • Food & Beverage

  • Water & Waste Water

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